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School Tech is a subsidiary of Lara Craft & Company that focuses focus on Cyber Security Awareness Training and IT Services for Children, Teachers and Educators.

Our Services Include:

  • Cybersecurity Training for Educators

  • I.C.T Training for teachers

  • Hardware & Software Solutions for Schools

  • Domain Name Registration 

  • Website Design 

  • Microsoft Office 365 Implementation 

  • Training on Microsoft office applications e.g PowerPoint for presentations, Excel, MicrosoftWord, Sharepoint online

  • Deployment of EFYS Observation & Reporting  Tool (Online & Offline Module)- Excel Based

  • Training on the EYFS Observation & Reporting Tool.

  • Class Dojo Setup 

  • Canva Training

About Us


Omolara Akinwolere is the Co-founder of School Tech, a start-up educational technology company specializing in cybersecurity solutions for the education industry. She spearheads innovative initiatives to safeguard educational institutions against cyber threats. She also specializes in training teachers, school owners and children on emerging technology trends and devising innovative methods to teach technical concepts through storytelling.

(Watch here  


With up to 10 years experience in the education industry, she also served as Director at Judy's Preparatory School, an innovative early years and primary school established in September 2015, dedicated to delivering exceptional educational services to children in Abuja. She finds joy in creating cybersecurity content for children, while ensuring that they stay physically active. She has been able to successfully achieve this through her educational videos titled “Cyber-Active with Lara Craft”.


In the education industry, Omolara is famously known as Lara Craft. She is the visionary behind Lara Craft Toys, a premier manufacturer of sustainable educational toys and learning resources in Abuja, Nigeria. Founded in March 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company aims to produce relevant educational resources tailored for the African continent.


As part of her commitment towards ensuring that she contributes to filling the gaps in the education industry, in February 2023, Omolara Akinwolere unveiled her inaugural children’s book series titled “The Learning Adventures with Lara Craft”. These tech-enabled storybooks, designed for ages 4 to 8, feature character voices, visual effects, and celebrate the Nigerian culture.


Omolara holds an M.Sc in Management and Information Systems: Change & Development from The University of Manchester (2007), She is certified in Cybersecurity by ISC2 which is the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, She is also a certified Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner. Omolara Akinwolere holds a B.Sc in Business Administration from the University of Lagos (2001), and a Post-Graduation Diploma in Education from the National Open University (2017). Omolara is a certified teacher.


Outside her professional endeavors, she finds joy in her role as a loving wife and mother of two. She indulges in singing, listening to the rhythms of Brazilian samba and soulful music, she appreciates fine dining, unwinds with movies, and cherishes moments spent with family and friends.

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